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Directions to the
Chesterville Center Union Meeting House:
3 Borough Road, Chesterville, ME.
(Corner of Borough Rd and Zion Hill Rd.)
All directions from

Directions from Farmington, ME (approx 18 min)
Take US-2 E/Farmington Falls Rd to Pope Rd in Chesterville
Head southeast on Main St toward Marceau Ct
Turn right to stay on Main St
Turn left onto US-2 E/Farmington Falls Rd/Hill St
Continue to follow US-2 E/Farmington Falls Rd
Slight right toward ME-41 S
Slight right onto ME-41 S
 - Turn right onto ME-156 W
Follow Pope Rd and Dutch Gap Rd to Borough Rd
Slight left onto Pope Rd
Continue onto Dutch Gap Rd
Turn right onto Zions Hill Rd
Turn left onto Borough Rd
10 min (5.9 mi)
0.4 mi
0.2 mi

4.4 mi
187 ft
0.4 mi

7 min (4.9 mi)
2.5 mi
2.1 mi
0.3 mi
Destination will be on the right

Directions from Augusta, ME (approx 42 min)
Take ME-17 W to Sandy River Rd in Mount Vernon
Head west on US-202 W/Western Ave toward Chapel St
Turn right onto ME-17 W
Slight right onto ME-41 N
Continue on Sandy River Rd. Take Ridge Rd to Borough Rd in Chesterville
Slight left onto Sandy River Rd
Turn left onto E Rd
Turn right onto Bragdon Rd
Continue onto Norcross Hill Rd
Turn right onto Ridge Rd
Continue onto Zions Hill Rd
Turn left onto Borough Rd
26 min (17.4 mi)

4.2 mi
9.7 mi
3.5 mi

17 min (9.6 mi)

4.3 mi
0.1 mi
0.8 mi
0.8 mi
3.2 mi
0.3 mi
Destination will be on the right

Directions from Skowhegan, ME (approx 40 min)
Take Skowhegan Rd and US-2 W to ME-156 W in Farmington

Head northeast on Water St toward Madison Ave
Turn left onto Court St
Turn left onto High St
Turn left onto Madison Ave
Turn right onto Island Ave
Turn right onto W Front St
Continue onto Norridgewock Rd
Continue onto Skowhegan Rd
Turn right onto Main St
Continue onto US-2 W/Mercer Rd
Continue to follow US-2 W

Follow ME-156 W and Zions Hill Rd to Borough Rd in Chesterville
Turn left onto ME-156 W
Turn left onto ME-156 W/ME-41 S
Turn right onto ME-156 W
Turn left to stay on ME-156 W
Turn left to stay on ME-156 W
Continue straight onto Zions Hill Rd
Turn right onto Borough Rd
30 min (22.5 mi)

492 ft
0.1 mi
0.1 mi
0.1 mi
0.2 mi
0.8 mi
1.2 mi
3.1 mi
0.4 mi

16.4 mi

10 min (6.2 mi)

0.2 mi
433 ft
0.8 mi
1.9 mi
0.2 mi
3.0 mi
Destination will be on the right

    Center Chesterville Union Meeting House, 2012

Upcoming Events

Thursday, July 15, 2021
Louisa Stancioff to Perform
 7:30 p.m.

    A native of Chesterville and 2012 Mount Blue graduate, Louisa’s early music opportunities included middle school show choir, string orchestra, chorus, Mount Blue Voices, and Franklin County Fiddlers, among other area music resources. Since graduating from St. Lawrence University, she has performed throughout the U.S. on tours with her former band Dyado and in numerous other collaborations.  Most recently she has focused on a solo act and recording.
  Performing in a warm-up act will be Farmington native and 2012 Mount Blue graduate Ellie Sloan-Barton with her partner Jula Moll-Rocek. The duo will entertain with a soulful medley of latin american folk music and original songs.
   Admission to the concert will be by donation at the door. Refreshments will be available. The building and outhouse are wheelchair accessible.

May 31,2021
Memorial Day Activities
10 to 11 a.m.
Open House/Art Viewing
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

     A double event is slated to include a Memorial Day flag service recognizing Chesterville’s former military service members whose lives were lost in performing military duties, and an art show featuring the creations of local youth in an open house display
     Free and open to the public, the Memorial Day/Art Show event will last from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 11:00 a.m. and be followed by the open house/art viewing from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  Refreshments will be available.  Donations welcome. For more information about the day, call 778-3767.

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