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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the
Chesterville Center Union Meeting House located?         TOP

The Chesterville Center Union Meeting house is located at the
corner of the Borough Road and Zion’s Hill in Chesterville Center.
See detailed directions here.

What is the building's history?         TOP

Check out some interesting history tidbits about the Meeting House here.

Who are the current Board members of the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House?         TOP

Carolyn Drugge, President
Cynthia Stancioff, Secretary
Ellie Hopkins, Treasurer
Fran Fuller
Kim Lessard
Alan MacKay
Rob Rogers
Paul Stancioff
Linwood Worster
Roxanne Worster

What is the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House Mission and Vision Statements?         TOP

Chesterville Center Union Meeting House, Inc

Vision Statement

 Our purpose is to preserve the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House for use by current and future community members and to make it a center for activities that will unite and enrich our community.  We intend to preserve the architectural and historical integrity of the Meeting House to connect us with Chesterville’s past and enrich its future.

Mission Statement 

 Our purpose is to preserve and maintain the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House so that it is available to the people of Chesterville as a gathering place for religious or secular purposes, including worship, instruction, performance, discussion, and other group assemblages, without favor or discrimination based on creed, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.  It is further the purpose of the Corporation to remain consistent with the original mission of the Union Meeting House Society upon its organization in 1851, that being to encourage religious activities and instruction of all creeds.

 Approved by Board of Directors on January 29, 2012

Where do the funds being used to maintain the CCUMH come from?         TOP

Basic operating expenses are met through fund-raising concerts and historical events and sales of postcards, note paper and Chesterville Poetry Books.  Donations and grants, together with a large volunteer effort, have enabled some major improvements in recent years. The main floor has been re-shored, a dressing room and privy have been added along with an A.D.A. compliant ramp, a handicapped parking area,  two air-source heat pumps and painting of the roof . Successful fundraising and donations also allowed for some important weatherization and moisture control measures.

What work is currently being done on the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House?         TOP

The bell tower restoration will be the next milestone in making sure the Meeting House remains a landmark in Chesterville for another century.  Painting the exterior and interior of the building are needed maintenance projects that will require funds and volunteer effort.

How much money is needed?         TOP

Building construction and repair:

As of January 1, 2019, two generous grants have been obtained for the tower repairs including $19,800 from the Maine Steeples Project through the Maine Community Foundation, and $10,000 from the Davis Family Foundation. Meeting House fundraising events have provided some additional funds but the project is still in need of $8,000 in order to move forward in 2019.   Funds for painting the building will be needed in 2019 or 2020.

Program support:

Funds to support programs for children and honorariums for speakers and musicians are also needed.

How can I help?         TOP

Donations are always welcome.  Send check to:

Chesterville Center Union Meeting House, Inc. 
72 Dutch Gap Road, 
Chesterville, Maine 04938.

 Your attendance at Meeting House events will support the operating costs. 

Volunteers are needed to complete the on-going building projects. 

Additional Board Members are welcome as well. 

For more information or to volunteer, send us an email 

Is the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House open to the public?         TOP

All events at the Chesterville Center Union Meeting House are open to the public. In 2005, the corporation was re-organized and began broadening the vision for preservation and secular use of the building. The current organizational purposes emphasize a broad range of secular activities relating to arts and culture, civic and social affairs and general community use.  The current goals are to preserve and improve the irreplaceable building, and to use it to generate community spirit through collaboration with other organizations in town to sponsor events of a diverse and broadly appealing nature.

What events will be held at the CCUMH in the upcoming year?         TOP

Please see all event listings for the current year here.

Chesterville Center Union Meeting House, Inc. 2019